Newsletter – 2006 February

John’s 40th Birthday celebration

Denise, Pat, John, Chris, Annette, Shelly

Denise, Pat, John, Chris, Annette, Shelly

News from Jim & Gail

“Annie and Julia are both in high school this year.  Annie is a senior and Julia is a freshman.  They’ve rarely been in the same school, so that’s been fun.  Annie just submitted her applications to college, so that’s a big load off her back.  It’s quite a production, with essays on different questions as well as visits and interviews.  She’s applying to a variety of small, liberal arts colleges, with Haverford being her favorite.  It’s just outside of Philadelphia.  She’s become a history buff, including art history, and has taken a couple of independent studies this year.

Julia’s favorite subjects are Chinese and math.  She’s also playing a lot of basketball, including as a starter on the high school JV team.  Sadly, Sy Miller passed away three days before Christmas, so we spent Christmas day with the Miller family celebrating Sy’s life.  It would have been his 85th birthday that day.  He clearly had a wonderful life, though, and everyone truly celebrated that.  Not to end on a sad note, we then hopped on a plane and had a wonderful vacation in Maui with the Bingham family between Christmas and New Year.  It was amazing to celebrate New Years’ Eve at a luau!“

News from Denise & Tim

“I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I didn’t get a chance to get out Christmas cards because I was very busy with school. I am starting back to school on the 17th of January. I will be in the classroom on Mondays and in the hospital Tues. through Fri. doing my clinical rotations. If all goes as planned, I will be graduating in May as a Surgical Technologist.    I will be in the sterile role with the surgeon and first assistant in the operating room.  My job will be to set up the instruments and assist the surgeon during the surgical procedure.

Tim received a promotion at the beginning of November. He is now the Warehouse Manager at J&B. Chase and Courtney are doing well in school, but wish Winter break was not over yet. We are taking a week vacation in March during my spring break at school. We will be spending a week in Maui. We received an all expense paid trip for the four of us to go! I am sure it will be loads of fun and a much needed break after the busy year we have had. Hope everyone is doing well.”

News From Pat

The end of October I went on a riverboat cruise in Germany for about 16 days and had a really nice time.  On the 25th of January I will be heading out to sunny San Diego for 8 weeks with my sister-in-law Gwen.  We will be staying at her daughter’s house.  We will be spending some time driving up the coast and in Las Vegas as well.  I will return around the 17th of March.

Chase & Grandma @ Chase’s First Communion
Chase and Courtney

A Note From Ashley Woods

“I am currently attending St. Cloud State University full-time, and working for Highland Bank part time.  So far, I plan on majoring in accounting.  I just got a new puppy!  He is a black cocker spaniel and was born in November of 2005. He is a lot of work, but super cute.  I keep busy between homework and visiting with family.  And that about covers it   :) “

A Thank You to Judy Hupp!

…  for the $100 donation in memory of her mom Auralea to keep the domain name registered for the next three years.

New from John and Chris

(written by Chris)

John has been restoring cars, and here is the story about a favorite:  a 1931 Ford Model A, Five Window Coupe.

“He found the car the day that Les passed away. It was in the garage of Pat and Les’ neighbors.  He bought it from the neighbors and we had a really goodfriend of ours turn it into the beauty that it is now, which took about a year. John has

dedicated the car to Les and Pat. The valve covers are engraved with Les’ and Pat’s name and the license plates are their initials.  Wehave taken the car to many cars shows and have taken home many awards.  My living room is full of them.”

In November John and Chris took a trip to Las Vegas with KQRS, a local morning show, and had a great time.  They had their photo taken with comedian Louie Anderson and plan to go back again next year.

“Other than that, we are working and trying to play as much as we can.”

From the Archives

Two nice photos of Cleon, contributed to the family scrapbook by Auralea:

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